Traineeships are government funded and work based, similar to an apprenticeship.

The government encourages employers by helping make it an affordable option to invest in skills for the future of your industry and business through employment of Australian Apprentices/Trainees and for upskilling existing staff.

Your community also benefits. Employing locals keeps money circulating in the community and underpins a vibrant, healthy regional economy.

Traineeships are a great way to start and enhance a career; they combine practicable experience at work with structured training. Trainees can enter into a formal training contract with their employer and AIT as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). This contract leads to a nationally recognised qualification.

Training is conducted on the job to ensure minimal disruption to the workplace, and offers employers a convenient cost effective means to training their staff.

Financial incentives for training staff and for employing apprentices or trainees

Australian government initiatives currently being offered to help you keep your business, and your community, prosperous may include financial Incentives. Call us to find out if your business is eligible.

The Australian Government provides eligible businesses with financial incentives for the

  • skills training of new staff
  • skills training of existing staff
  • employment of Australian Apprentices

If you directly employ an Australian Apprentice (apprentice or trainee) your business may be eligible for Australian Government financial incentives. Current employees may be able to access training and financial incentives in certain circumstances. Australian Apprenticeships Centres (ACCs) administer and facilitate those payments.

The Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program contains a range of incentives and personal benefits, including:

  • standard incentives
  • special and additional incentives and personal benefits where the Australian Apprentice is undertaking an Australian Apprenticeship leading to an occupation listed on the National skills Needs List and
  • other special and additional incentives and personal benefits.

Payment of incentives and personal benefits is subject to employers and Australian Apprentices satisfying eligibility criteria as set out in the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program Guidelines.

These incentives can change from time to time and eligibility criteria apply in order to receive them. Australian Apprenticeships Centres are able to advise which incentives are relevant to your industry and business and for which you are eligible and the advice is free of charge.

In addition to the Federal government incentives and benefits, State governments focussing on local skills shortages may also provide benefits as an encouragement to employ Australian Apprentices. These benefits vary depending on market needs to stimulate the economy.

There are a range of traineeships offered by AIT listed below from which to choose.

Work Health and Safety

Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety (BSB41415)


Certificate IV in Leadership & Management (BSB42015)
Diploma in Leadership & Management (BSB51918)


Certificate II in Stevedoring (TLI21416)

We also offer traineeships in Business, Administration, Finance, Customer Contact, Human Resources and Marketing in conjunction with ABS Institute of Management as a partner RTO.

In the first instance, interested parties can register on (08) 9437 2502 or by email to