AIT Staff

Mark Van Lith (Managing Director)

For over 15 years Mark has operated in the role as State Manager with various National corporations involved in manufacturing, wholesale import/export and business services. During this time he maintained responsibility for Business Development, Sales, Marketing and Operations.

Mark has extensive experience in all aspects of Business Operations to determine the real needs of organisations working in an ever changing and competitive environment.

Luke Van Lith (Operations Manager)

Luke manages all scheduled courses/trainers and supervises all aspects of course administration plus a myriad of other duties – including IT systems and marketing support activities.

Robyn Fenlon (Administration)

Robyn handles the day to day administration of the RTO.

Chloe (Administration)

Chloe is the smiling face of AIT reception.


Lucinda Guy (Training Consultant)

Lucinda is a passionate Safety Trainer, who believes emphatically that each and every one of us is responsible for Workplace Safety. She has been imparting her hard-earned pearls of wisdom to a wide variety of work groups in the south-west of Western Australia for the past two years. Having previously worked in mining in Queensland, as well as the North West of Western Australia, Lucinda began her training career with a large mining company delivering various Workplace Training Packages. She then went on to specialise in First Aid before discovering her panache for Safety Training.

Lucinda is very much a “coal face” Trainer – believing that good safety systems come from empowering the workforce with the knowledge and skills required of them, to ensure they understand the importance of their role within the system. Lucinda’s drive and focus is always for a solid underpinning of knowledge that the Candidate is able to put into immediate practice within their workplace, regardless of their position. She is able to make even the driest of topics tolerable.

Gishan Liyanage (Training Consultant)

Gish has over 13 years experience as a Human resources manager, trainer and mentor. He has worked as a tutor at the University of Western  Australia in Australian Employment Relations and International Management. He has a wealth of knowledge and has worked in many different industries including telecommunications, IT, outsourcing, accounting and Oil & Gas.

Matthew Alexander (Training Consultant)

Matt worked primarily in the mining industry as a purchasing officer for various companies in WA and Queensland and has a wealth of experience in the Warehousing industry. In April 2015 he started his own business Wolfpack Business Services where he provides a range of accounting and business development services.